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  • Oleg Tarasenko

    Oleg Tarasenko

    Software developer at Erlang Solutions.

  • Joanna Puła

    Joanna Puła

  • Bryan Hunt

    Bryan Hunt

  • #GrindrLabs


    Grindr is an inclusive and passionate family of thinkers, innovators, leaders, and most importantly, doers. We’re hiring! https://www.grindr.com/careers

  • Szymon Mentel

    Szymon Mentel

    A man, son, husband and father. A software engineer and Erlang/Elixir programmer. A (bike)traveller, mountain lover, (hitch)hiker and snowboarder.

  • Anna Grz

    Anna Grz

  • Kasia Zamaria

    Kasia Zamaria

  • Krzysztof Wende

    Krzysztof Wende

    Entrepreneur @ Neon Tree Solutions Ltd, Functional programming zealot

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